Kite Club Mancora it’s Kike’s dream, he was born and rise here in Mancora, the Pacific Ocean it’s part of his life and he enjoys it all the time.
Kitesurfing it´s his passion and work really hard for sharing this passión with others.

Once you come to the north shore you will want to keep coming back for more, its really one of the best spots in the world for wave kite riding with the perfect wind direction and super clean waves that never get to big


We aim to make our kitesurf lessons as fun as possible in the safest way. Whether you are a beginner learning to body drag, or an advanced kitesurfer improving your skills or learning to wave kitesurf.

All the members of our international full certified crew are dedicated to get you to reach your goals on the water.

Kite Club it´s located rigth in the action over the best kitebording point in Mancora just next to the Beach in Samana Chakra.


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