We offer different kite course, from beginners, to expert ! You decide until where you want to learn !! You have the opportunity to choose between two possibilities for your course : private or semi-private (2 people). Also, if you are not sure, you can do a one-day class to see if you fall in love with it or not !

a 3 day program

PRIVATE : 50 USD/hour/person or SEMI-PRIVATE : 40 USD/hour/person


Day 1 : Wind theory. Safety standards/norms/rules. Equipment preparation. Flying of the kite on the sand. « Wind windows » theory and power areas. Using security systems. Equipment folding tidying and storage.



Day 2 : Flight with a kite of 4 lines. Required exercises to prepare the student to control the wing, on both the ground and in the water (body drag). Depending on the evolution, it might be possible to stand on the board.



Day 3 : Once in the water, we learn how to put the board on the feet, how to position the body in the proper position in order to reach the water start, and the first borders on the board. According to the progression and improvement, it might then be possible to navigate autonomously.

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Intermediate level
We show you how to improve your navigation and sailing skills. We show you how to keep your direction we will focus on your weak points.



Advanced level
Maneuvers, learn how to use a surf board (straps and strapless ), and we teach you how to ride in your first waves.

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